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Tara Belfast Update 29

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the Vigil camp and the protest are ongoing

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Tara Belfast Update 29



Tara plans for Imbolc  - Sunday 1st February

 Hi all,

There will be an Imbolc Celebration at Tara next Sunday. We will be
meeting at 4.30 in the car park. Details below. Please spread the word.

With thanks to John Farrelly,




oh - have just looked at the above link - and an intersting discussion ; )

......I would want to explain that the tarataratara on who posts on Indymedia isnt me - , I paste up the tarataratara.net website but I didn't realise that she was already using the name -just wanted to explain that as I didn't want anyone to think it was me that was doing his/her briliant work ....

,,, this is the main Tara one - please anyone get to it who can

- but also something is happening at Dundalk which JanetO'Hagan and some people from here are going down to -

HI Friends
Just reminding you about the wonderful events that are being held in this festival  in Dundalk  Faughart  Ravensdale and Carlingford Co Louth from Wed  Jan 28th till Sunday  Feb 1st
 I hope you will join u sin some of these celebrations 
 Directions for each venue are posted under the event description on www.doloreswhelan.ie  Please share this information  with others  who might be interested
There are  special accommodations  deals available in  Dundalk and Carlingford
see details on  attached programme or  log on to www.failteireland.ie 
Blessings Dolores Whelan



there is a huge amount of other stuff going on , Tarawatch are persuing a Unesco challenge

as are SaveTara who are also coordinating a letterwriting campaign to TDs ,  detailing how much money it would save to stop the M3 now and use the environmentally friendly Meath Master Plan instead

I will try to summarise it all ... but ...it is complicated , best from the relevant websites  
even better the Yahoo groups associated with the sites ...
  ... ... but anyway , the issue is far from dead
if anything , the changing economic situation is bringing it back to life ....

 - there are court cases and other things - oh , funding has been secured for another Feis Teamrach and if its anything like last years it will be brillant


and a belated report from the thing at the Giants Ring , here , on the 8th

it was beautiful - the weather was astonishing , the sun lifting the frost off the grass into a warm haze and although walking around the top of the ring you can see for counties in every direction , and out to sea too
inside it is sheltered like a nest
the moon and sun were both in the sky
and it was lovely anyway - but at one minute to midday , Ursula arrived with her harp - 
we lit candles inside the dolmen  - read some poems and Ursula played Raglan Road and other things  At one point the music became really strange and I could hear it resonating through the rocks of the dolmen . I was leaning my head against the rock in the warm sun and had my eyes shut so I didnt realise she had stopped actually playing the harp and that even though there wasnt any breeze , the strings were just playing by themselves

it was wonderful
Ursula says that just happens sometimes
but I have never heard anything like it , it was astonishing and I am enchanted  

but also we realised that though we were amazingly lucky with the weather - and that one of the people there had a harp and a voice like an angel

that it was a good thing to do and a good place to be anyway - regardless - it would have been okay if it had been raining , or if none of us had had any talent - it would still have been good

and it doesnt really need anyone to organise anything

doesnt need a heap of people - just as many as can be there
all it absolutely needs is someone willing to go into the dolmen and clean it up and clear out the shit - which was what Colette was doing while I was wandering around and talking to trees in the morning - I didnt realise till after

anyway , it was great ; )  and we will somehow be back next year for midday on the 8th january

    some pictures will be on the TBU 29 page - here soon
    also some explantion about why the eighth




beautiful new video - link just come in ten minutes ago

 Hi all,

Here is the link to a new video by Madam K. We stayed up until 2am last night after a hard day in court and MK with a broken leg but I know you will really appreciate the effort :) This was made with only 3 short pieces of footage!

Madam K has 50 more hours of unseen footage which we will be working on to get more Tara propganda out there. When I say "we " by the way
I really mean Madam K with me just learning lol


Enjoy :)


PS: It will geta lot of hits as it is called Newgrange so if anyone
listed at the end want to add it to their websites please do.Spread
it around thanks.


there is a heap of other things on the way - about stars and stuff ....


 ...but  ..if anyone is at all curious about why these Updates are so inefficient - I wrote a song yesterday that sort of explains it
the tune is borrowed but the words are mine    .............feel free to add any verses ....

........ words and chords are on 


  hope you like it ..... : )

_,.+*^*+.,__,.+*^*+.,__,.+*^*+.,__,.+*^*+.,__,.+*^*+.,_anyway - all the above and more

will sooner or later be on



 ...which is where you are now - its probably not here yet - but please come back soon ....



    just come in from the protests

a chara
we can win this thing.
see you all sunday .... for imbolg....
show of strength



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the Lismullin stone - more HERE

am working on a simple guide to basic Cosmology
mainly for myself ; )

and Ill post it up - not when its finished
but when there is anything worth seeing
.........some guesswork involved ....




    and the usual - if you are on this list by mistake - just say - and Ill take you off the list
    else please pass it on to anyone who might be interested

    or send in any material connected - -  to Tara - the Sacred Earth -  sustainable development - er  - etc

    Tara Support in Belfast
    and the campaign goes on - - -


. ......Great weather ; )